Quad Lock

Quad Lock, Smart Phone Mounting for Activities

Quad Lock makes tracking

activities, listening to music,  or using your mobile as a sat-nav for the car easy. Having a flexible, simple system for quick mounting of your smart phone is essential.

The smart phone has certainly become the core device at the heart of our active lifestyles. With the likes of Strava to track your cycles or runs, share your activities and connect with friends. It is even more important that we have a simply and easy to use system to help us keep our mobile handy.

Quad Lock has introduced probably the most straight forward system possible. This not only works for cycling, but for all forms of activities, driving and even simply just attaching your smart phone to the wall at home (should you really need to do that).

Everyday Cycling

My primary use for the system is for cycling, my legs can’t cope with running anymore. Ranging from using every day to track the commute to work, to doing long weekend rides. In terms of suitability to do the job, its perfect. First of all the locking system is so easy to twist on and off quickly. Secondly the mount holds the phone so tight, it hardly moves a fraction. Thirdly with the launch of their Universal adapter kit you can use the system for most smart phones.

The concept is simple get a kit which includes a mount and a case (if you have an iPhone that is). Or get a the universal adapter kit for any other phone. You have the choice of mounts for either your bike handle bars, your armband version for running, a car mount, belt clip etc… it goes on.

I’ve previously used the iPhone case which worked perfectly. Although some might think it is a slightly bulkier case than they might like, however it does the job. While recently moving on to the universal adapter to fit my Nexus 6P, I have enjoyed the same pleasure as usual.

In conclusion, its well equipped to cater for everything you can throw at it. Check out some of the range below.

Quad Lock Range

iPhone 6/6S Kit – £41.52

Universal Adapter – £11.99

Sports Armband – £35.17