Kindle Paperwhite, The Commuters Companion

The “coat” pocket sized companion for any journey, short or long, read in style with the Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite

Paperwhite 6″ E-Reader: £109.99

Kindle PaperwhiteFor the avid reader, of course there is nothing better than having a real book in hand and submersing yourself within the story. However the portability aspect (of our paper back friends), especially for long journeys where luggage space is tight has always been an issue.

Amazon have been working tirelessly over the years to develop and overhaul their Kindle readers. The aim to get as close as possible to a product that feels as much like you are actually reading a real book. With the added benefit of not only being smaller than your average book, but also be able to carry a mass of books with you at the same time.

The Kindle Paperwhite, the latest in the line of Kindles is in my opinion the best yet and the closest to that holy grail of reading pleasure. After acquiring one last summer, ready for a packed adventure travel for two months, I got to really test the Kindle out and test how fit for purpose it is.

The Travel Test

Travelling with the Kindle becomes so easy, the ability to pre-load the device with a handful of books ready to be divulged. While being able to easily connect to your next hostels wi-fi and grab a new title of the shelf. This means you never have to worry about being out of literature for that next gruelling eight hour bus journey. On the subject of long journeys the other massive benefit is the battery life, I mean come on it lasts so long. No need to have it constantly charging every night to make sure you have enough juice for the next day. Oh no this one lasts literally all week, (of course dependent on how aggressively you read).

The key aspect worrying me was how well the Kindle Paperwhite would cope with the reading sessions in the glorious sunshine. Having previously used older version of the Kindle and the apps on mobiles, it was often a pain trying to read in bright sunshine. The screen not helping to make it a pleasurable experience. Amazingly this is where the Kindle Paperwhite exceeds any expectations by miles. It truly lives up to the claims that it is basically like reading paper. Can’t fault it at all.

Good Case = Happy Reader

My biggest piece of advise I can give you is, make sure you get a good case! Without a doubt you need to make sure that your case can protect what ever you throw at it. For the average commuter a simple case is great, just to keep it clean and scratch free from being in your pocket or rucksack. However if you are travelling, go for something a bit stronger, maybe even waterproof just to be safe. We managed to almost get away without any issues, but did somehow manage to get a small knock to the screen during the travels. This has left a very small faint mark, nothing major but slightly annoying. That was our biggest mistake not getting a good enough case for travelling.

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