Best Budget Coffee Grinders

A new year, a new coffee grinder. Here is our run down of the best budget range coffee grinders on the market now.

1. De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder

The professional burr grinder from De’Longhi is a tool for coffee lovers. With the capacity to grind 120 g of coffee beans, producing up to 12 coffee cups at your grind setting and all at the touch of the on/off button. The transparent bean container, top lid and transparent, removable powder container make this grinder easy to use.

Amazon Price: £48.15



2. Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder

Dualit’s conical coffee grinder produces consistently ground coffee and preserves the maximum aroma of the bean. This is only possible with a conical burr grinder which spins more slowly than other types of coffee grinders, minimising the clogging effect of oily or flavoured beans and producing less heat.

Amazon Price: £69.00


3. De’Longhi KG49

The De’Longhi Coffee Grinder has the capacity to grind between 4 and 12 cups (up to 90 g) worth of coffee beans at any one time. The removable transparent bean container allows you to view how the grinding is progressing while LED lights indicate the consistency of the grind.

Amazon Price: £25.00



4. Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder

Grinding coffee beans directly before you add hot water really does give you a more satisfying and sophisticated beverage. With its simple push button operation, the Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder gives you manual control over how long you’re grinding your beans for and the transparent lid permits checking on how fine your grind is to achieve a fine consistency.

Amazon Price: £69.95


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